My name is Lynsey Smith and I am currently a junior at Troy University. I am a Broadcast Journalism major, also seeking a Spanish minor. I am a member of Phi Mu Sorority where I currently reside as my chapter’s vice president. My ultimate “dream job” (I say “dream job” but I have every intent on making it happen) would be to be a host on E!News. I love anything and everything that revolves around entertainment news.

Fitness does not come easily to me.

I have to work really hard to achieve what I want my body to look like. Being a young woman in college who enjoys going out and having a great time… my looks are very important to me. Did I mention that I am trying to accomplish this while also being a college student?!

If you think you know what fitness entails… go ahead and store it somewhere else! This blog is aimed toward the college woman looking to get fit and build a healthy lifestyle through such an inconsistent period in her life.