Holiday Eating Tips


For many, holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Family, Friends, Fun, and Food… what more can you ask for. We are all guilty when it comes to not eating healthy while on the holidays. 

Easter is coming up this weekend and that means one thing… PASS ME A SLICE OF HAM!

If you are anything like me, when you step foot into your home and you get just one whiff of the food, anything goes.

While diving into the delicious food my family has prepared… I do not think about how much time I am going to have to spend in the gym or how many meals I am going to have to cut out after the holidays are over until AFTER I am finished eating.

So how do you avoid “splurging” when visiting home for the holidays?

Well for starters… it is going to take a lot of will power. I like to remind myself to keep my “end goal” and what I want to accomplish fresh on my mind when I go home for the holidays.

According to Fit Day, try not to “waste calories on a bag of potato chips in the airport or a mid-afternoon cookie at a local coffee shop. Take healthy snacks with you (or purchase them when you arrive) and keep them nearby so that you won’t give in to your mid-meal hunger with empty calories. By not vacationing from your healthy snacking habits, you’ll give yourself the leeway to enjoy something a little extravagant for dinner or dessert. Make your vacation food indulgences count.”

Below are the do’s and don’ts that I try to consider eat from my pantry. If you have these items, you should consider trying them out for size while home for the holidays.



My favorite item from the picture listed above would have to be the cheese. I love cheese…I hope that did not come off cheesy! I like to eat cheese with pepperoni slices.




Oreos… this is where I become weak. There’s nothing like a couple of, and by couple I mean 10, Oreos paired with a glass of milk.


USA Today recommends choosing “your splurges wisely, but do allow for some splurges–it is a vacation. Consider your favorite things and enjoy them, but pass on the things you can easily get at home that add extra calories.”  By all means… it is okay to splurge when home for the holidays… just do so wisely.








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