The Master of Fitness

They come in all shapes and sizes…

They’re somewhat classified as the “Know-It-Alls” in the fitness world…

Readers, meet the Personal Trainer. 

A personal trainer is a fitness professional. Personal trainers work one-on-one with their clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Personal trainers listen to what their client’s desire in regards to their fitness and then proceed to come up with a workout/eating regime to help them reach their fitness goal.

Personal trainers do not do the work. Personal trainers only aid in the process of physical success.

I have never had a personal trainer before. I have always wanted one, however, personal trainers do not come at a cheap price.

In big cities, “personal training costs are all about location, location, location. For instance, while personal training sessions can cost as low as about $60 per hour in New York City, they are more apt to hit the $100 mark to cover the cost of facilities.” That’s according to an article written on Women’s Health.

Personal trainers are paid professionals… they do not work for free honey!

According to Live Strong, it is a good thing to invest “in a personal fitness trainer. It is well worth the cost. Not only do you have someone right by your side acting as your own personal coach and motivator, your trainer can help limit the amount of injuries you experience and help you get the most out of your time at the gym or other exercise venue.”

Personal trainers are required to know all physical and mental limitations of their clients. Knowing this will only prevent injury.

One time, I was exercising my calf muscles on one of the machines at my local gym and come to find out later, I was using the equipment wrong. Next thing, I know… I pulled a muscle in my left leg and then I was out of the gym for a solid week due to injury. Minor, I know, but it is important to learn proper form and technique of exercises when it comes to using the machines. It is so important in order to execute them in an effective, safe and injury-free manner.

Anyone that has ever been trained by a personal trainer can tell you what a difference in motivation it is when there is a personal trainer right by your side.

Someone constantly telling you to keep going, someone who will tell you to push harder or do more… Cut the small talk, where do I sign up? 


So the next time someone approaches you in regards to getting a personal trainer… don’t knock the idea of one until you try it out.







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