Staying in Shape While on Spring Break


Every college student’s dream has finally arrived. Say goodbye to the cold classrooms that you sit in for lecture Monday through Friday.

Say goodbye to work and everyday troubles and say hello to a week filled with adventure.

Spring Break is considered a “lifesaver” for some college students. It is a break to take time to yourself to rejuvenate and to regroup from what spring semester has already thrown your way.

For me, spring semester has already been jam-packed. From schoolwork to extra-curricular activities… I barely have time to catch my breath. Although it may seem like I am complaining, I actually am not. I love to stay busy believe it or not. Staying busy means that I have less time to sit around and eat junk food out of my kitchen cabinets.

Now that spring break has arrived… many like to consider this a “break” from their healthy lifestyle that they have been following since setting their New Years’ resolutions.

If this is you… please, take that idea from out of your head and throw it away! Dispose of it! 

According to Active Times, “You don’t have to exercise as religiously as before or eat strictly healthy foods, but you can’t give them up entirely either. You set a bad precedent that can continue for a while after the fun time is over until you are completely out of shape.”

I know right… easier said then done right?


The price is gaining a few extra pounds over the break from all the alcohol consumption and “All You Can Eat” buffet eating. It is okay to enjoy the drinks and food, but you should keep in mind how you can stay in shape.

Here’s some tips I would like to share that I am going to keep in mind this spring break:

  • Drink water- Between the alcohol that I may take a sip of here and there… I plan to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Eat in moderation- Portion control is key throughout the week.
  • Pack healthy snacks- There is nothing wrong with bringing your own food on your vacation.

The Huffington Post lists simple exercises such as calf raises, push ups, sit ups, and many more exercises that are not time-consuming to do while on vacation.


Have your cake and eat it too!








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