Portion Control

I am a firm believer in the saying…“you are what you eat.”

In my opinion, I believe that someone can work out as much as they choose to, but they will not see results unless they change the way they eat.

Yes… I am talking about what food you put into your body.

In order to lose weight and shed inches off of your body, you have to burn more calories than you consume on a day-to-day basis. For some, this can prove to be a difficult task. If you are anything like me, portion control is not an easy concept to conquer. My eyes are bigger than my stomach and I tend to eat just because other people who may be around me at the time are eating as well.

According to Health, portion control “doesn’t mean you have to eat tiny portions of everything,” says Lisa Young, PhD, RD, author of The Portion Teller Plan: The No-Diet Reality Guide to Eating, Cheating, and Losing Weight Permanently. “You don’t want to feel like you’re on a diet, but you have to eat fewer calories.”

Health.com is a great website to utilize if you have no idea where to start when it comes to meal proportions. The website gives, in my opinion, awesome insight on how to get started in eating less, while still feeding your body every nutrient it needs to function.

It is hard to juggle meal portions when you are eating anywhere but in your own home.

When you are at home, you have the option to eat your meals on small plates. While your plate looks full, you actually have no idea that you are eating less.

Some meals that may appear as“average” in size can add up to a whole day’s worth of calories. For example, take a  large order of french fries from McDonald’s. A large order of french fries can contain as many as 1,000 calories.

According to Fit Day, portion control “directly helps you to lose weight by tipping the scales in favor of the output of caloric energy. When you carefully monitor your portion sizes, you decrease the amount of food that you eat.”

If you are concerned with the possibility of “starving” yourself while trying to practice portion control, I recommend seeking out a doctor that can help you set up a dietary regime!








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