Don’t Let the Scale Intimidate You

Nowadays… it’s all about appearances. 

Whether it’s how you dress or how you look… your appearance is critiqued or praised on the regular.

While it is important to look and feel your best, your best may not be that of someone else’s best.

Easier said than done, right? 

I am guilty of trying to make my body look like runway models. I blame it on the millennial generation.

I am built mostly of muscle. Therefore, when I step onto the scale… the muscle is represented in the weight. This is discouraging to me because while I am “medium-sized” the number on the scale does not show it.

To avoid letting the scale determine how you should carry out your workout, try this approach:

Enter the gym.


Stretch before beginning your workout to avoid any injuries or setbacks.


Pick a machine to kick-start your workout regime.


Select a workout plan suitable for your current fitness level. Do not attempt to do more than your body can handle.


The elliptical machine is great for building muscle and burning fat.


When you are finished with your workout, proceed to the scale. Step on it and remind yourself that no matter what number may appear on the screen, you put in work and burned some calories in the process. Your hard work will soon began to show itself. Just  give it time. 


The scale is supposed to aid you in your fitness success, not discourage you.




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