Three Part Study: Sprinting

To conclude this Three Part Study… we’re going to end with discussing the concept of sprinting.

We now know that jogging is considered to be Level One. Running is considered to be Level Two. So… what’s Level Three?


When you sprint, you are giving it everything you’ve got. Your heart is beating out of control, your legs are burning, and you’re breathing… well if you’re anything like me, let’s just say at this point you are huffing and puffing big time.

Sprinting is considered “super fast” running with much longer strides than running. Usually, one cannot sustain the energy to sprint for very long.

According to Lifting Revolution, sprinting gives your body a more “muscle-defined” look whereas running gives you more of a lean look.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to sprinting…

A couple of advantages include: improve cardiovascular health, increase in metabolism, increase in speed, increase in overall muscle mass, and an improvement in your range of motion.

A couple of disadvantages include: serving as a “set back” to new runners because of intensity, a really good warm up is required because of the range of motion your body is about to receive, recovery time between workouts is needed.

An article on Onnit Academy says that “a study by Hunter et al. found that four weeks of repeated sprint training increased peak running speed and repeated effort sprints. Simply stated; if you need to express a physical attribute, then that attribute needs to be trained; therefore, if you want to get fast then you must sprint.”

From the same website, the article stated that “in a recent study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism, the researchers found that 2-minute sprint interval sessions done 3 times a week for 6 weeks elicited the same fat burning effects as a session of 30 minutes of endurance exercise.”

Sprinting is more of a training, not a technique. 

Just like running, it is important to ease into this type of training if you are not familiar with this activity. Sprinting requires a lot more effort and energy than jogging and wrestling combined. With that being said, sprinting relies on muscles. It is important to get a good stretch in before you begin this training.

Whether you choose to jog, run, or sprint… I want to encourage you to give it your all and never give up.







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