Setting REALISTIC Goals

Dream Big. 

Isn’t that what society tells us to do? Aren’t we supposed to test limits and do the impossible?

Having big aspirations and the drive to accomplish them are applauded… however I believe that setting realistic goals when it comes to personal fitness is the key to seeing success. You should take a planned, more calculated approach to reaching your fitness goals.

Ladies…set yourself up for success, not failure.

It’s a common trend among women to set these unrealistic goals and then expect to see results in two weeks. NO THAT DOES NOT SCREAM REALISTIC! It takes a few weeks for you to see a change, a month for your close friends and family to see a change, and then finally it takes a couple of months for everyone else to see.

How many of you can relate to setting a goal of losing x amount of pounds in one month? I know I for one can proudly raise my hand to answer this question… 20 pounds to be exact. Here I am, giving it my all, exercising five-six days a week while eating healthy and yet when the month ends, I still weigh the same on the scale.

If you’re anything like me, at this point… you are ready to give up. You’ve given it all you’ve got yet you have not seen any results. You have decided to settle for less instead of more.


Weight loss or weight gain doesn’t come easy to just anyone. It takes months and months of dedication. Instead of throwing in the white towel and calling it quits… try this: set realistic goals.

Realistic goals can look like taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down, grab a pen and a notebook, and write down your goals. Write down what you wish to achieve. Pencil in-in your planners a set time to go the gym and get that workout in.

When setting a goal for the first time, you have this indescribable feeling of being able to tackle anything no matter the load. You’re pumped. You’re excited. This feeling will stay with you while you are working to achieve your goals. Define goals that will eventually turn into more goals.

Really think about your goal and jot it down in a notebook. This will serve as a constant reminder of what you wish to achieve. 

Ask yourself what is it going to take to achieve this goal? Am I capable of doing so? Do I have access to what I am going to need in order to achieve this goal? 






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